Genealogical diagrams

The first diagram shows the overall architecture. The two that follows present syntheses of the two great spiritual paths: that of the ascent of the plans of consciousness or "spiritualization" of the being (Iapetus) and that of the “psychisation” (Oceanos).

  • For simplification purposes, number of minor characters mentioned in the texts have not been indicated. Also, to simplify the presentation, the meaning of the characters was rarely indicated under the names.
  • Only the main ascendants were mentioned. Other variants and ancestries are clarified in the text.
  • The numbers indicated after the names refer to the corresponding diagrams. Roman numerals, alone or before the names, indicate successive alliances. Names noted in bold type are the ones of the most important characters.
  • The sign ~ indicates union (regardless of its type: marriage, long-lasting or punctual union, etc.)
  • The homonymous names are not differentiated. The ancient masters of wisdom indeed used the same name for characters appearing in different lineages when they wanted to introduce the same symbolic content, possibly with various degrees of intensity. The reader who wishes to differentiate them can refer to Carlos Parada's work : Genealogical Guide to Greek mythology.